The Parish Council has embraced the Quiet Lanes initiative by Suffolk County Councul. Millway Lane to Wortham in included in Phase 2, Wave 1..

Update 14 June 2021 - Wave 1 - Great News

We are delighted to report that Cllr Richard Smith - MVO, the new SCC Cabinet Member for Strategic Highways matters, approved the recommendations from SCC Highways Safety for all the proposed lanes in Wave 1 to be designated. A formal notice of designation will be published in the EADT. There is no other action required by parishes other than publicising locally that their lanes have been approved and waiting for signage to be installed. This could take several weeks so please be patient.

There is a summer launch campaign planned by our PR agency once more signs are in place which will centre around raising driver awareness across the county. Please use the new public facing website and the Facebook page in any communications to your residents to 'spread the word'. The website includes a catchy strapline ..'When you see this sign, please take your time' which we have adopted to update the 'Expect and Respect' slogan. The PR agency will be providing us with a 'toolkit' which we will share with you that will include digital media such as templates for posters, QLS logo etc.

The Statutory Notice is available as below f.y.i.

Date 22 February 2021

To the Occupier

Dear Sir/Madam

Notice of proposal to designate specific roads as Quiet Lanes

Following a public consultation, Palgrave intend to support Suffolk County Council’s proposals to designate certain roads as Quiet Lanes. Maps of the proposed Quiet Lanes can be viewed on the Parish’s website and the public consultation page on

These types of lanes do not impose any traffic restrictions but seek to inform road users of the presence of walkers, cyclists, equestrians or other non-motorised users on the road, and encourage them to show respect for these more vulnerable road users.

Under The Quiet Lanes and Home Zones (England) Regulations 2006, we are required to send you a copy of the Notice, on behalf of Suffolk County Council and would welcome written representations to Suffolk County Council.

Email representations to by post to Disputes, Education & Employment Team, Constantine House, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH.

These should be received by the end of 15 March 2021.

All representations received by the Parish Council will be passed to Suffolk County Council for their consideration.

You should be aware that any written representation will be publicly available for inspection.

Yours faithfully

Palgrave Parish Clerk


The Quiet Lanes and Home Zones (England) Regulations 2006


Suffolk County Council intends to designate the roads shown in the schedule below as Quiet Lanes as part of a county wide Quiet Lanes Suffolk project.

Quiet Lanes are designated as appropriate for shared use by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other vehicle users, and are intended to enable users to enjoy country lanes in greater safety and encourage drivers to respect more vulnerable road users. Advisory signs are placed at each end of Quiet Lanes.

A copy of the order and maps showing the lengths of road affected, together with the Council’s reasons, can be viewed online at, provided via email in person by prior appointment at: Constantine House office, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH. Email requests to

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposal should do so in writing by the end of 15 March 2021:

Email comments to or by post to: Disputes, Education & Employment Team, Constantine House, 5 Constantine Road, Ipswich, IP1 2DH.

You should be aware that any written representation will be publicly available for inspection.

Signed: David Chenery Date: 22 February 2021

Safety and Speed Management Engineer,

Growth, Highways and Infrastructure,

Suffolk County Council, Phoenix House, Ipswich, IP1 5NP



Local Authority

Road Name

Route Number

Extent of Route


Mid Suffolk

Millway Lane


Millway Lane to boundary with Wortham parish.

Millway Lane map