In accordance  with the Localism Act 2011 ss 26 to 37, Palgrave Parish Council at its meeting on 4th July 2012 adopted The Suffolk Local Code of Conduct. This Code was readopted  at a meeting of Thurston Parish Council at its meeting on 2nd July 2014 following clarifications in the application of the Code. A copy of the adopted Code of Conduct  can be viewed below:

Palgrave's Code of Conduct  

All Councillors have registered their pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests with Mid Suffolk District Council and these are published on Mid Suffolk District Council's website. To  view a copy of the Councillors' Register of Interests please use the link below to be redirected to the relevant pages.

Palgrave Parish Councillors' Registers of Interests



Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. They are used to confirm a council’s internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings. They are not the same as the policies of a council but they may refer to them. A local council must have standing orders for the procurement of contracts.

Meetings of full council, councillors, the Responsible Financial Officer and Proper Officer are subject to many statutory requirements. A council should have standing orders to confirm those statutory requirements. A council should have standing orders to control the number, place, quorum, notices and other procedures for committee and sub-committee meetings because these are subject to fewer statutory requirements. If it does not, committees and sub-committees may adopt their own standing orders.

Model standing orders that are in bold type contain statutory requirements.

To download a copy of Palgrave Parish Council's adopted Standing Orders please use this link.