Palgrave Gardening and Social Group

Formed about two year ago and now we have more than 20 active members. We usually meet at 10.15am on the first Monday of the month. In the winter we assemble in members' homes and generally invite a speaker but in the summer, where possible, we visit a garden or one of the excellent specialist nurseries that abound in the area. If you live in Palgrave and would like to know more, we should be delighted to hear from you. Please ring Sheila (643393) or Janet (650622)

Spring and summer activities 2010

In March we had a most enjoyable outing to Gable House at Redisham. There, on a brilliantly sunny but cold day, we explored a spring garden bursting with snowdrops, aconites, cyclamen and hellebores.

We have local speakers booked for April and May but in June we are visiting Fernatix, a fern nursery at Stoke Ash.

On Thursday 9th September the Group is going by coach to London to visit the gardens and state rooms at Buckingham Palace. There is now a short waiting list for the Palace visit but there may be a few places available on the coach for people wanting to visit London. Enquiries in both cases to Sheila True (643393)

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