Councillor Details:

Note we have 1 vacancy with effect end May 2022. The 10 Parish Councillors are as named below:

Chairman - Neil Weston

Vice Chairman - Val Pudney

Councillor - Wendy Cooper

Councillor - Elaine Collins

Councillor - Rupert Fausset

Councillor - Jethro Shirley-Smith

Councillor - Dr David Bremner

Councillor - Dr Cathal Prendergast

Councillor - Marion Sneddon

Councillor - Bec Dingle

There is currently 1 vacancy on the Parish Council which can now be a co-opted position.

Why get involved? Do you want to do something positive and hope to make a difference by influencing decisions that affect your community? Please put yourself forward to become a Parish Councillor. Please send your details to the clerk with a brief paragraph about what you will bring to the role.

At least 1 of the following criteria must be fulfilled. You must:

  • Be on the electoral register
  • Own a property or land for last 12 months in the parish
  • Work in the parish in the last 12 months
  • Have lived in the parish or within 4.8 kilometres for the last 12 months

You must also be at least 18 years of age on the day you are nominated, and either a British citizen, a qualifying citizen of a Commonwealth country, a citizen of the Irish Republic, or a citizen of another member state of the European Union.

We currently have 11 evening meetings a year.

Please contact the parish clerk by email on  or T: 01986 798422 or speak to a Parish Councillor for more information.