Fly Tipping; If you come across an incident of fly-tipping, please also report it direct to Mid Suffolk via the following link, or let the parish clerk know the full details so she can report it. Fly tipping remains an issue in Suffolk as it does across the entire country, with more than four and a half thousand incidents reported last year alone. It costs hundreds of thousands of pounds to clear and this is paid for by Suffolk residents, as well as farmers and other landowners.

If illegally discarded, waste is traced back to the owner and if a licenced waste carrier hasn’t been used to dispose of the waste, then the owner will be fined. Even if it wasn’t the owner who carried out the act of fly tipping. Members of the public and businesses are being urged to remember the SCRAP code to stop fly tipping in Suffolk:

• Suspect ALL waste carriers

 Check with the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506 that the provider taking your waste away is licensed

• Refuse unexpected offers to have waste taken away

• Ask what will happen to your waste

• Paperwork should be obtained – get a full receipt

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