Local Plan Review


Local Plan Review 2015-16

Mid-Suffolk and Babergh Councils, which now share a joint administration, have brought forward the review of Mid Suffolk’s 1998 Core Strategy alongside that of Babergh, with the aspiration that a single Plan will cover both Districts. Those persons wishing to review the original material as and when it is available should regularly visit www.midsuffolk.gov.uk and look for updates and/or background information. The documents on the Parish website relate to the responses it has made at each stage of the review process and both sources should be read in conjunction with each other.

Step 1 - Parish Survey

This was designed to gain an insight into the way that Palgrave and Palgrave’s residents interact with other localities for work, healthcare, schooling, shopping and so on. In order to ensure a representative range of responses a public meeting was called. The final question discussed at this meeting was purely for information at that time and related to the appetite or otherwise for growth of the village; just over 40 villagers attended and the consensus was marginally in favour of limited growth contained in small developments. The Survey was duly completed and returned.

1.1 Invitation to complete the Survey and explanatory notes [Local Plan Development - Parish Survey of Catchment Areas 20141117]

1.2 Notice of Public Meeting 16th January 2015 [Poster - Public Meeting Planning & Growth 201501016]

1.3 Completed Palgrave Parish Survey as returned to Mid Suffolk DC [Parish Survey 2014 - Palgrave]

Step 2 - Preliminary Consultation

In order to refine the range of options and to gain an insight into the likely acceptability or otherwise of the draft proposals, the opportunity was offered for members of the public as well as councils to respond to the preliminary documents. These comprised: Assessments and Alternative Policies for Rural Growth (to meet Government Housing Targets); Strategic Development Sites; Development Management Plan; Review (Rationalisation) of Local Plan Designations; and in support a substantial and lengthy Sustainability Report, which is a statutory assessment. A short Briefing Note was prepared for Parish Councillors to assist in understanding the process and the Council’s Response was duly submitted.

2.1 Invitation to Respond to Early Consultation [Letter (I & O consultation notification) Feb 2015]

2.2 Briefing Note (and quick introduction to the Process) [Briefing Note - 2015 February-March - Local Plan Review]

2.3 Completed Palgrave Response as returned to Mid Suffolk DC [JLP-Response-Form-Palgrave PC-Mar-2015 Public]

Step 3 - Formal Consultation - will commence later during 2015