Palgrave has mobilised a group of Volunteers from in and around our Parish... 

A group of people from different organisations from around the Parish, has been formed to help people in and around Palgrave: whether it’s those who are self-isolating, or those who are struggling to obtain essential supplies or medication, or anyone else who might need something we can help with!

This group is being co-ordinated by Sharon Cousins-Clarke. Contact Sharon on

A letter of thanks was received by Babergh Mid Suffolk to all our volunteers for their continued support. 


A Palgrave Community Support group to coordinate support to Palgrave village during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak has been set up. The group is comprised of representatives of the Parish Council, the PDCC, Neighbourhood Watch and others in the community.  The aims of the Palgrave Community Support group are:

• coordination of the many volunteers - several people have kindly offered their services and we are keen to expand our pool of volunteers. If you feel able to help either by being a first point of contact, or by assisting with tasks such as shopping or by giving neighbourly support over the phone, please contact Sharon on

• we have door knocked every household in the parish to determine who needs support. This is now followed up with a contact card to those identified vulnerable people, which is being distributed through the letterbox. If you haven’t received one and are classified as vulnerable, please contact Sharon on or call on 01379 309401;

If you need support please do not hesitate to contact the person named on the cards which have been distributed and if you are able to assist us, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Cousins-Clarke. Thank you very much.