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Owning or living next to a watercourse brings with it many rights and responsibilities, some have developed over years under Common Law and others are defined in legislation such as the Land Drainage Act.  Suffolk County Council, in collaboration with other members of the Suffolk Flood Risk Management Partnership, has published a new guide, “Riparian Ownership in Suffolk”, to clearly explain these issues – copy attached.


My aim is to ensure there is easy access to the information you need to answer questions about ownership of a watercourse in Suffolk.  The document includes links and references to other relevant organisations, and useful resources, making it a "one stop shop" for nearly all queries that a riparian owner might have.  The document is currently available to download from the Suffolk County Council website and a limited number of hard copies will be available for those that require one. 


Please share this new guidance with anyone you feel may benefit from it.


If you have further questions please contact the SCC Flood and Water team at


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